Revitalash founded with one product; the original lash conditioning serum as a solution to help the leading physician’s wife feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer. From that single original product comes an entire collection of beauty-enhancing cosmetics specifically designed to elevate, restore, and enhance the health and natural beauty of your most treasured beauty assets.

This award-winning line of lash, brow, and hair focused cosmetics make a HUGE difference. The difference is remarkable whether you are losing hair due to treatment or ageing. These products are Anti-ageing for your Brows and Lashes and hair.

RevitaLash Advanced

Do you want to achieve the look of curlier, healthier, more robust looking eyelashes in as little as three weeks?
Look no further, as you know, I try all the products and understand their efficacy by using them myself or results from my extensive clients. I use this product daily. If you want to revive your eyes, restore the beauty of your natural eyelashes, natural eyebrows, and your natural hair this range is for you, it’s definitely for you.

There are three sizes of Revitalash Advanced, that when used every night or morning will last:

  • 1 ml – 1 month
  • 2 ml – 3 month
  • 3.5 ml – 6 month

RevitaLash Advanced is a unique lash conditioner designed to beautify and condition the appearance of fine, brittle, thinning, damaged, ageing eyelashes.

It is perfect for clients who;

  • Have been addicted to lash extensions,
  • Have had Lash Lifts
  • Tint their lashes
  • Have tried every mascara going and you still can’t get full volume, lift, shine, strength and density to your lash.
  • Have lashes, with the ageing process, have dwindled
  • Are going through Menopause, stress or hormonal.
  • The way you remove your make, or you are addicted to waterproof mascara,

All these factors play a part in the look of our lashes.

RevitaLash Advanced is a light, clear, viscous serum (it doesn’t drip) and it stays put where you apply it. It is very cooling doesn’t leak so doesn’t go into the eye.
It’s a very sterile serum that is a once a day application.
RevitaLash Advanced is a cosmetic product and works superficially and topically on the surface of the lash. It is suitable for customers going through chemo, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

How to Apply

  • Cleanse lashes with an oil-free cleanser; make sure your lashes are completely dry before applying the products, as the drier the surface of the lash, the better the product works.
  • Sensitive eyes it is suggested to use in the morning.
  • Non-sensitive eyes to use at night.

You will see results immediately in terms of shine, condition, the flexibility of the eyelash, which means fewer lashes are falling out after cleansing.

The technology is the bioPeptin complex which is a chain of amino acids that help condition and strengthen lashes while defending them from breakage and brittleness. It is high in antioxidants and vitamin B which help protect and revitalise, high in fatty acids and plant sterols; help condition and shine, and high in amino acids, peptides, and B vitamins; help fortify, smooth, and condition.

The best results will be achieved within 3-6 weeks.

RevitaBrow Advanced

Do you want to achieve the look of a more defined, groomed fuller-looking eyebrow; you can in as little as four weeks.

RevitaBrow is a unisex product, for both men and females.

RevitaBrow comes in a

  • 1ml size – one month supply
  • 3ml size – 4 months’ supply

The Eyebrow cycle completes in around four months; this is when you will see excellent results with your brows.

RevitaBrow enhances the beauty of natural eyebrows that may appear sparse or damaged. This is the perfect Anti-ageing product. The properties in the eyebrow advanced are more potent than eyelash advanced because we are treating a larger area of skin.

It is a problem-solving product that is perfect for clients with:

  • Thinning and damaged eyebrows,
  • You are missing the talons of your eyebrows,
  • A beauty therapist might have over plucked, over threaded, over-tweezed your eyebrows and they are looking too sparse, or not what you wanted for a big occasion.
  • You have thick eyebrows that stick up, and you need that manageability factor, need hydration for treating the skin behind the eyebrow.
  • For men, who find they have bald patches in their beard, goatees, or moustache.
  • If you thread your eyebrows, this procedure can become less painful, due to the strengthening of the skin behind the eyebrows and the eyebrow hair.

    RevitaBrow Advanced is a cosmetic product and works superficially and topically on the surface of the brow. There needs to be an active hair follicle for this product to work. Does it work on scars, again this would have dead hair follicles but what it does is toughens up the surrounding hair around the scar and helps mask the flaw beautifully. The formulation of this product attaches to fine, downy hair, hairs you can’t see, and makes them more robust and resilient.


    Cleanse the eyebrow area with an oil-free cleanser and make sure the eyebrows are dry before applying. It can be applied either morning or night.

    The BioPeptin complex saturates the eyebrows with moisture keeping them so luxurious and healthy-looking.
    High with a natural humectant, this helps the eyebrows retain moisture so that they don’t become dry and brittle.
    High in antioxidants from plant extracts and vitamin B help protect, nutrify and revitalise.

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