Psoriasis and Sensitive Skin

Skin sensitivity is a twenty-first-century problem; allergies and skin reactions are on the increase as our skin is exposed daily to pollution both indoors and outdoors. Increased stress, poor nutrition and incorrect use of skincare products are also contributing factors.

Our skin is nature’s perfect barrier for keeping hydration in and foreign substances out. When this barrier is damaged, it can become dehydrated and sensitive. Some skincare products can exacerbate existing problems by penetrating the healthy skin barrier deeply, and too quickly, causing further irritation. Restoring your skin function is the cornerstone of treating sensitive skin.

PRIORI, Medik8, and Vitage products all cater to sensitive skin. Use of the correct products, as recommended by Thorntonhall Therapies and a combination of Omnilux Revive or lightfusion treatments together with masks can repair your skin and reinstate a healthy barrier.

Prices for bespoke Sensitive Facials £100.00

PRIORI, Medik8, and Vitage products will be introduced gradually along with other treatments to ensure your skin acclimatises to the new regime, thus helping to reduce inflammation and irritation. Please contact me by filling in my contact form or phoning me to book a free no-obligation skin consultation.

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