12 Weeks to Wow


In the same way, many of us sign up for a Personal Trainer at the gym. I invite you to 12 weeks of personalised, intensive training for your skin. 12 Weeks to WOW allows you to have prescribed, a full at-home skincare regime alongside a comprehensive course of 6 in-clinic peels tailored to your specific skin concerns, your lifestyle and your skin goals.

The result – A remarkable skin transformation


What does it involve?

It is simple:

  • Eight clinic appointments with 6 Medik8 professional peels (spaced 10-14 days apart) and
  • A homecare regime designed to use twice daily.

Your first Clinic appointment will be an assessment of your skin, and together we will work out the best in-clinic and at-home regime for you. At this initial consultation, I will talk you through my approach to help you meet your skin goals.

At this first appointment

You will be sent home with homecare to prepare your skin for around 2-4 weeks before returning to have your first peel.

I will also take a photo of your skin from a few angles so we can track your progress throughout the programme. (These photos are for clinical records only).

You will also receive your 12 Weeks to WOW Skin Passport, which is a printed booklet that you and I fill in together to track your progress and the treatments and peel strengths you have experienced. This passport is a great tool to help me tailor the very best programme for you and will allow me to dial-up or down the types and strengths of each treatment to ensure that your experience is truly bespoke to you. I will also review your home care regime with you and suggest top-ups and changes as required. Please bring your passport to every treatment.

After 2 to 4 weeks of consistent at-home skincare use, you will return to Thorntonhall Therapies for your first of 6 professional peel treatments.

The following is what to expect from a peel:

All Medik8 peels have Time-Release technology, which means minor discomfort is to the minimum. Every skin is different, but many clients describe the experience as either itchy or just increased heat on the skin. You can ask me to remove the peel at any point in the treatment, but I find the majority of clients are easily able to have the peel on the skin for the recommended 10 minutes which only enhances the results. Time may vary dependent on skin condition or type.

After the facial peel treatment, it is neutralised quickly by the use of cool, soothing gauzes which are placed on the skin to normalise it as soon as possible. You will then receive beautiful pampering aftercare with layers of soothing serums and creams tailored to your skin type. A Light fusion treatment offered.

You will leave the clinic make-up free but will need to use a Medik8 Post Peel Treatment Kit. The Kit has everything you need to care for your skin for the next 3-5 days. I will show you how to get the best use from the Kit and book in your next appointment.

After 10 to 14 days have elapsed since your first peel, you will have your second in-clinic appointment for peel 2. Using your Skin Passport notes, we will discuss your first treatment experience, how the products felt on your skin and assess the next step for peel 2.

The process repeats every 10 to 4 days with another in-clinic professional peel until all six are complete. I will be taking photos at every Clinic appointment

After completing your six peels, you will be invited back for one last in-clinic appointment to review the process and compare yours before and after pictures. As well as celebrating the results with you, I can then discuss how to prolong them and recommend an ongoing maintenance regime to help retain Beautiful Skin for Life.

12 Weeks to Wow
£ 600.00

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