Biological and environmental factors cause ageing. As we age, there is a decrease in the number of skin cells produced and our skin starts to thin and a reduction in hydration; resulting in a comprised skin repair mechanism.

While we all understand the cause of biological ageing, it is the environmental ageing that is a factor that we rarely take into account.

In fact, due to daily exposure to environmental pollution, of whatever type, we are not ageing we are oxidising!

Anti-ageing skincare is more than just removing the wrinkles, to get genuinely rejuvenating skin, several factors need to be improved:

  • Increased cell turnover,
  • pigmentation reduced,
  • reduction of redness and capillary damage,
  • increasing stimulation of collagen and elastin
  • Improve hydration levels.

Treatment for anti-ageing relies totally on skincare analysis which is the first part of any treatment undertaken at Thorntonhall Therapies and occurs typically as part of your free no-obligation consultation.

The prices for a bespoke anti-ageing skincare facial start from £100.00 depending upon your skin concerns; please use my contact form to book a no-charge, no-commitment skincare assessment to start the beginning of your journey to great skin. I will be delighted to help.

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