lightfusion- advanced light therapy

lightfusion treatment represents the first significant leap forward in LED therapy for many years. The use of LED’s has transformed the medical and therapeutic arena. Independent worldwide research has shown that LED Phototherapy has significant therapeutic benefits for living tissue. Work by NASA, who examined the use of LED light in space to encourage plant growth, discovered that it also stimulated cellular repair to promote wound healing and human tissue growth.

What is Phototherapy? – It is the use of photons of light to alter biological activity.

Cells within the body contain receptors that naturally absorb light when your skin is exposed to light; these receptors absorb the light waves. This absorption stimulates normal cellular processes that otherwise occurs naturally within the cell. Light therapy treatment accelerates this process making cell receptors more efficient.

Phototherapy energises cellular function within the body that helps the absorption of skincare. Phototherapy creates a domino effect that continues 48 hours after the facial. Lightfusion, clinically proven to:

  • Stimulate collagen
  • Improve skin firmness and,
  • Reduce pigmentation

lightfusion uses wavelengths of pure red visible light @ 633nm and near-infrared light 830nm to have a positive synergistic effect on the skin. Lightfusion delivers optimum wavelengths at the ideal, proven doses into your skin.

The Treatment

The lightfusion machine is neat and compact, it is for use on your face, but it also works very well on the neck, décolleté, hands and back. Lightfusion treatment is three times more effective than the earlier LED light therapy treatments as it delivers 10 minutes of optimised Red and near-infrared light, directly to your skin, simultaneously, The benefits of a lightfusion treatment are:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help reduce hyperpigmentation, pigmentation
  • Regenerates tired and dull-looking skin – reduces pore size
  • Hydrates and firms
  • Helps restore skin tone and texture
  • Visibly noticeable differences in just one treatment
  • Works from inside out
  • Enhances Omnilux Blue light treatment for acne sufferers

Prices of lightfusion Treatments

Before any facial, you will undergo a free skin consultation to assess your skin type, and this will allow me to adjust my treatments and bespoke them specifically for your skin type.

Thorntonhall Therapies lightfusion signature facial – This hour-long treatment is total relaxation but extremely effective using advanced products which repair and prevent premature ageing of your skin. You lie on heated water pads in front of a real fire, and this is just the start! This signature facial will not only give you an instant lift due to the enzyme lifting mask, but your skin will also glow and moisturised after the hydrogel mask, and light Fusion LED device. A deep tissue massage on the hands and arm or feet (your choice) is an excellent addition before a special occasion leaving you relaxed, hydrated, glowing and boosting your skin to ensure your complexion is stimulated, smoothed and rejuvenated. I would recommend this luxurious treatment.


Thorntonhall Therapies Look Good to Feel Better course – I would recommend this course for clients that are looking to kick start their skincare regime or indeed to boost your standard monthly treatments, obviously time-dependent. This course is two lightfusion treatments together with masks a week, for four weeks.

This course of treatments will result in you seeing firmer, tighter skin with reduced pore size. There is no downtime, after treatments, and not only will you notice a difference in your skin, your friends and family will start to comment on how good your skin looks. Your complexion will look more vibrant and fresher due to the increased blood flow, and the course will most definitely help improve fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation issues.



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