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Thorntonhall Therapies was originally a sports massage business, but a sporting injury led me on a skincare career path that has excited me ever since. If I was a builder you would not come to me for an extension but you would come to refresh and refurbish your house. My approach to skincare is the same.

Meeting people with real skincare issues is my passion, and helping them with their day to day skin concerns keeps this passion alive. I specialise in non-invasive treatments, as well as bespoke home skincare routines, and I regularly train and re-train to ensure my skills are kept fresh and relevant.

For me, the skin is the most important, and connecting theme for everything else you do in life. Of course I am biased, I have been practising skincare since 2004 and I have seen the real-life benefits of my treatments and home care regimes. I am also professionally recognised and accredited by BABTAC, the leading UK skincare industry governing body.

It is not just skincare issues though it’s underlying beauty too. I believe in the use of quality, but not necessarily expensive, products and makeup in caring for your skin health.

An inner and outer glow is not just down to beauty treatments but they certainly help you achieve the very best for your self-esteem.

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