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Winter Skincare Tips – 2 Correction

There is already snow on the top of Ben Lomond and if you have not started your winter skincare regime already, what are you waiting for? Wintertime in Scotland is harsh on our skin, this weeks tips are on skincare correction and choosing the correct product from the Tomeloveme range for your skin type.

Moisture retention, nourishment and exfoliation are key actions in this weeks tip. It’s vital to remember that this is one of the most powerful steps in your home skincare routine.

My suggested Home skincare correction treatments are:

Advanced AHA Skin Renewal Cream. This is a superb product and ideal for so many skin types and most skin conditions. It will exfoliate gently on a daily basis so that the hydration step works more effectively, in addition to increasing natural moisture levels and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The ideal solution if you prefer a non mechanical exfoliant, this in my opinion is the best winter skin smoother ! This product is currently on Autumn offer at

Idebenone Complex* Smooth Lines is the best antioxidant with skin balancing ingredients and a real nurturer for the skin during this time of the year. Idebenone is the skin’s best antioxidant, working at the cellular level to protect and correct. Essential fatty acids and ceramides in this beautifully smooth cream make the skin feel delightfully cared for during winter. Rehydrate, strengthen and correct in one step, while strengthening your skin’s natural barrier function.

CoffeeBerry®* Day Complex. This product is ideal for skin that is feeling more dry and flaky, versus tight and dehydrated. The nourishing, all-natural benefits of shea butter, beeswax and aloe vera are just what the doctor ordered. Day Complex also boasts the brilliant antioxidant performance of CoffeeBerry® extract – the most powerful antioxidant found in nature and more than 3 times more powerful than green tea.

The addition of a Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex into your home skincare regime will ensure that your skin stays supple and healthy through the winter months. Made from botanical and microbial sources to repair cellular damage, Cellular Recovery Serum is full of key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients for skin soothing and calming and Hyaluronic Acid for super skin moisturization. This amazing product can be dropped into anyone’s skincare routine, even if they have not yet discovered the benefits of the PRIORI ® range!

If you have any questions regarding my winter skincare suggestions, please contact me.

This weeks skincare photo courtesy of Graur Codin at
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