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Winter Skin Care and a trip to Berwick Upon Tweed

The Scottish summer is over…. When did it begin is the oft heard cry in every Scots conversation about the weather and the summer in general nevertheless yesterday was a perfect Autumnal day. Whilst enjoying the weather and scenery, winter skin care  could not have been further from my thoughts.
It was a fantastic day and one where all the elements combined to make the world seem a wonderful place.I was driving back from Berwick on Tweed yesterday and the weather was glorious, but typically Scottish, clear blue skies and then showers and then monsoon-like deluges. The colour of the sky was at times, deep blue, grey, charcoal and various shades of purple matching and complimenting the colours of the surrounding hills. The showers could be seen blowing out over the sea creating rainbows that shimmered over it.

 Time for winter skin care?

Although skin care may not be first thing on our minds at the start of Autumn, the harsh Winter weather will be here shortly so this is the ideal time to repair and reverse the effects of the summer sun and get our skin in great shape for the winter months ahead.
Moisture retention, skin nourishment and exfoliation are the key actions in preparing our skin for winter and these steps are some of the most powerful in your home skincare regime.
If you are unsure of any of these skin care steps or want information on any of the PRIORI® skin care products suitable for your skin type, want to start a new PRIORI® skin care regime or you want to introduce PRIORI® skincare products into to your current regime, please do not hesitate to contact me
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