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Winter Boots that Fit!

For years I have searched for winter boots with little or no success. I wouldn’t say I have huge calves, possibly quite muscular, because I run and cycle (a lot) however, I have never been able to slip, comfortably, into the dainty very fashionable offerings that seem to overpopulate the high street windows.
On Sunday evening, I found the Duo Website (, the site and the shoe shop had been recommended by a client, and spent about an hour looking and admiring various types and styles of boots ( 3 widths 21 calf fittings). I placed all the boots and shoes I was interested in
to the web shopping cart and printed it off, thus arming myself with some seriously lovely shopping ammunition.
I am always one to seize the bull by the horns and had decided that Monday was the day of the big push. I took the train through to Edinburgh, with my mission in mind and my sheaf of footwear fantasy firmly secured in my handbag.
The high street shoe shops do not normally cater for the likes of me…..In the past it really has been a question of if the boots nearly fit me then I purchase them and hope they will, as I am constantly and enthusiastically told, “Stretch a little and become more comfortable”. This statement has to be in the top ten of shoe shop assistants sales dodges! Therefore I am sure you can appreciate that what happened next was a wonderful surprise.
I walked into the Duo shoe shop and was immediately welcomed by an extremely helpful young lady. Nothing was too much trouble. Boots and shoes galore were rapidly plucked from the stockroom and placed in front of me to try on, I was in shoe heaven. After about an hour I had decided on a couple of pairs of long boots, a pair of ankle boots and a gorgeous pair of navy court shoes which I had been looking for, for ages. At the risk of repeating myself I truly was in shoe heaven and now had enough footwear to last me through to next winter!
Duo Edinburgh was an extremely pleasant shopping expedition and I hope my experience of them, expressed in this Blog, is enough to recommend them to you. I do not, by the way, have any affiliation with Duo at all and just believe praise is due where it is earned.
You do not have to have wonderfully toned but slightly oversize calves like myself, they have boots and shoes to fit very slim, muscular and well rounded calves as well. If you manage to get to the Edinburgh shop (they do have others dotted around the country) just sit back and enjoy the sheer pleasure in actually being served wonderfully by knowledgeable staff, trying on and purchasing shoes and boots that fit, with prices that will not bust the bank balance, and, in my opinion, will last and be fashionable for a more than a few years hence.
Please Note: Not only did I have a great time I had a great workout as well carrying the Duo bags around Edinburgh as they insist you must have a box for each pair of boots or shoes you purchaseand will not accept a return without the correct box.
To cap the day off my wonderful day (please forgive the pun…. It was not my idea to use cap!) I then went to my favourite Edinburgh hat shop, which is my equivalent of a sweet shop, so many beautiful hats….. and nearly missed the train home, more of which in my next Blog.
Happy Shoe hunting

Photographer: Clare Bloomfield
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