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When Was The Last Time You really Assessed Your Skincare Product Use?

I am always pleasantly surprised when clients tell me what a pleasure it is to know that they are using products that work so well for their skin and how pleased they are that their products last such a long time ( less really is more, when used correctly). Moreover; I take great pleasure in showing them pre-PRIORI® photos of their skin which allows them to judge for themselves how well the products are working for them.

There is no doubt that some of us have better skin than others and whilst heredity may play a big role in how we look right now, the way we have treated our skin in the past (internally and externally) will also determine the way we are ageing. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive sunbathing, diet etc will of course have an impact but unfortunately some changes are beyond our control.There are lots of new skincare products on the market that promise to minimise the damage, but only one range of products, that I am aware of, that can be used at different stages of your life and they are, of course, PRIORI® .

It’s always good to assess your skincare product use, whether you a  PRIORI®  user or not, and make sure it matches your skins changing requirements. I believe, with the correct products or combination of products you can meet those needs easily. All of  my clinic clients mix and match PRIORI® skincare products on my recommendation. Tailoring combinations to their specific skin type really works for them.

I believe I can match any PRIORI® skincare product or combination of products to your skin type Why not try me out by sending me a skincare assessment form  or just emailing or phoning me. In response, I will do everything I can to make sure that your PRIORI® products, or the ones you intend to use, are incorporated into your home skincare regime effectively to achieve maximum benefit and work correctly for your skin.

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