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Vitage Vitamin C Radiance Serum

Vitage ® Vitamin C Radiance Serum - A Professional Skincare Therapists Review


It has been over a year since the launch of the re-branded and reformulated Vitage ® range of Advanced Anti-Oxidant Skincare™ products and thought I would share my thoughts on the new Vitage Vitamin C Radiance Serum.


Firstly the packaging, all the new Vitage® bottles are completely recyclable and have a unique product delivery method. The contents are contained within a vacuum bladder within the bottle which means they are dispensed evenly and right to the last drop. The packaging and the content are all made in Great Britain.


Vitage Vitamin C  Radiance  Serum could easily be used as a moisturiser for those of us with oily skin, it feels very light and does not clog your pores (all other skin types would, of course, still have to use a moisturiser). The new product has a fantastic consistency and I have found it be very hydrating when I use it.



I have used this product on a number of my skincare clients and their reactions have all been positive, ranging from “What is that that you are using? ” through to “ You can tell that this is a new combination of ingredients as it feels so different”.


In terms of final results I have noticed that client’s skin looks brighter after I have used the radiance serum as part of the professional treatment and it has proved to be a popular seller which speaks volumes for the product itself and confirms that the re-brand of the Vitage® range is absolutely on target.


The new range of Vitage® Advanced Anti-Oxidant Skincare™ is available from Thorntonhall Therapies. If you are interested in the range why not read my other Vitage Skincare posts on the whole range or visit the Cosmeceuticals website for more information.


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