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A view from my Skin Care Clinic

  • No Vitage®  eyeliner gel applied
  • Eyeliner Gel-on-left-(facing)-eye
  • eyeliner gel on left eye
  • Vitage® Colour Minerals eyeliner gel  on both eyes

Vitage® Colour Minerals Eye Perfect Gel Liner

Vitage® Colour Minerals Eyeliner Gel – My Daughters Thoughts

I asked my daughter, Rachel, to write a short piece about the new Vitage® Colour Minerals Eye Perfect Gel Liner and to consider the product from a different point of view (please excuse the unintended pun):
“Eyeliner and I have always had a somewhat tempestuous relationship. I either put too much on or too little and neither strikes the right balance. Using pencil means that the finished product is far too easily smudged and is gone by the end of the day and don’t even get me started with liquid eyeliner which has me looking like Coco the Clown on a bad day.
However; I do have to extol the virtue of the new Vitage® Colour Minerals eyeliner gel which comes in a variety of colours. Luckily my mother has deemed me young enough to get away with black but if you are over [40?] never fear a soft chocolate brown is just as good. I have been using the new Vitage® Colour Minerals eyeliner since the New Year it was a gift from Santa (Thanks mum!), and I have surmised that the benefits are threefold:

  • Extremely easy to apply – The gel eyeliner and matching Vitage® I Perfect brush are brilliant and mean that I always get the right balance and it’s is a lot easier to apply than either the pencil or god forbid liquid eyeliner.
  • Durability (i.e. it lasts throughout the day) – It means I can make my eyes look alluringly Bambi-like (a girl can but dream) but not get worried questions by people asking why I have such large bags under my eyes as was the case with liquid eyeliner!
  • Value for money – The eyeliner lasts for ages so hopefully I will still be young enough to wear black by the time I get to the end of the current pot!

So, why not revisit eye-liner especially this wonderful gel (Black <40, Brown > 40), for me it has become a work and socialising make up staple!
Rachel was home this weekend so; In addition to her blog, I have taken some photo’s of her with and without the eye-liner on so you can see the difference that it makes and some of her with a without Vitage® Colour Minerals make-up on. One final point to note is that the Vitage® Colour Minerals Eyeliner gel does not dry out in the pot unlike some other brands.
I have also reviewed Vitage® Colour Minerals  make up on my clinic site as well.
Warmest Regards
Trisha  Harvey  Thorntonhall Therapies

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