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Vitage ® Colour Minerals – A Clients View

We invited a facebook friend and client to review two of the new Vitage Colour minerals products:
My Review of the Vitage® Natural Daily Perfector and Gel Eye Liner
I was so excited to hear that Vitage® had brought out a new line of Colour Minerals make-up. I am an avid follower of PRIORI® and Vitage® products and I love the way they feel on my skin.
When I heard about the make-up range I was so delighted, but could they compete with the PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals range, that is what I was going to find out? 
Vitage® Natural Daily Perfector. My first task was to try the Daily Perfector, which is a mousse like product, you don’t need much because a little goes a long way. t is so effortless to use, it feels like you are massaging your face instead of applying a primer to it. It looks so natural on the skin and it has an amazing glow that you can wear on its own or with minerals.
I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I first applied the Perfector, as it felt oily on my skin, and anyone who suffers with acne will know never to use oily products as this exasperates the condition further.But; this was different although it felt like a silicone base and appeared oily, it wasn’t if that makes sense, it was more like a natural glow and putting the minerals on top of it made it feel less oily and my face looked flawless
All the imperfections had evened out leaving a natural complexion that did not look made up or caked on in any way. All in all I highly recommend the Daily Perfector and it will form part of my daily make-up routine from now on.
Vitage® Gel Eye Liner. Moving on to the eye gel…..what can I say except “Best eyeliner I have ever used”. I wanted an eyeliner that would not smudge or disappear after a couple of hours. This eyeliner is amazing, not only is the colour so dark and brings out the true beauty of your eyes, it lasts all day until you decide to remove it at the end of the day.
For those make artists out there, this is a great eyeliner for tight-lining, it does not smudge and makes those smoky eyes looks sexy and sultry. If you love experimenting with eye colours like I do, you should give this a go. You will definitely not be disappointed.
Thank you to the lovely Trisha for introducing me to the new make-up range, it is everything I expected from Vitage and more.
(Trisha) Actually, the thanks are all mine. If you would like to review any of the PRIORI® or Vitage® skincare products and see yourself in print, please let me know.
Warmest regards,
Trisha Harvey thorntonhall therapies

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