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Vitage® Colour Minerals Make-up – Skincare product review

Vitage Colour Minerals make-up launches on To Me Love Me on the 01 March
I was fortunate to receive a demonstration from my Business Development manager (BDM), on the new Vitage Colour Minerals make-up range a few weeks ago. I say fortunate as I completely embrace the advancement and change in skincare products and you can never get tired of learning new information and new techniques. I always think  that “every day” can be a school day”!
A lovely client of mine, came along and was the model for the day. He started by cleansing her face and then applied various Vitage® skincare products and showed me a new practice for applying them. The BDM used the Vitage® High definition make-up brush to apply the skincare products.
I tried the technique on myself later  and was so pleased with it that I have adopted the method in my Clinic and use it daily. Clients have been commenting on the new technique especially the way it feels on their skin.
Having finished the skincare procedure, he then  applied the Vitage Colour Minerals make-up products with Vitage® design intelligent brushes. These brushes are designed specifically for the make-up , they all have different functions and perform them extremely well.

  • Vitage® Colour Minerals Natural Daily Perfector – creates a fresh looking natural skin instantly and effortlessly. Can be used as a primer to perfect the skin and prolong the wear of subsequent make up products or as a stand-alone foundation. (3 shades),
  •  Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Foundation – Natural Beige – a pure concentrated mineral powder with a unique sheer finish, that lasts all day (4 shades),
  •  Vitage Colour Minerals Perfect and Diffuse – multifunctional, perfecting minerals to conceal and brighten any areas of concern. It is light reflecting, long lasting skin perfector to illuminate and diffuse away dark circles, blemishes, uneven skin tone and other imperfections. No clogging caking or creasing like traditional concealers, just sheer light reflecting perfection,
  •  Vitage Colour Minerals Blusher – Pink perfection – this was used as Linda has light hair. Sheer yet rich colours that look beautiful on the skin and last all day without fading.(3 shades),
  •  Vitage Colour Minerals Eye Perfect Gel Liner- Naturally Brown- natural mineral gel eye-liner for perfect eye definition that does not smudge, cake of flake. (Black and Brown),
  •  Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Eye Colour – Nude Rose – Pure intense natural eye colour for long lasting wear which will not clump, crease or cake.( 11 shades ),
  •  Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Lip Lustre- Nature’s Own – all natural, mineral formula that is never sticky and creates long lasting lip colour with high gloss appeal

As you can see from the photos the look is extremely natural and embraces the current fashion for a natural, everyday look.  These products are extremely simply to apply to create a flawless coverage with intense colour which remains sheer and natural looking.
Vitage® Colour minerals make-up are concentrated colour pigments that perform differently to other minerals, they only contain pure, natural colour with no fillers and no preservatives and their intense yet sheer appearance gives my clients a high performance product that uses half the quantity of normal minerals.
The full range of  make-up and brushes are available from the 01 March  and I am so impressed with them that I intend to use them, for my personal make-up needs all of the time.
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