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Combined Facial Therapy

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20110816-babtac_logo_accredited_smallCombination Facial Treatments

I receive advanced training from Cosmeceuticals, the PRIORI® and Vitage®  UK Specialists, who have developed a unique system of Combination Facial Treatments (CFT®) that allow Professional Therapists, like myself,  to create bespoke treatment programmes for you that deliver fantastic aesthetic results.

The Combined Facial Therapy approach delivers far more than individual treatments can with nearly 20 years experience of developing aesthetic treatments for the skincare  industry Cosmeceuticals have learned that combining therapies, that work on different levels, accelerate the effects of one another, giving faster and more visible results.

A Combined Facial Therapy, £70.00, includes two or more of the following therapies:

PRIORI® Peels Vitage® Anti-Oxidant Skincare Diamondtome™ Microdermabrasion Omnilux™ Light Therapy
Multi-layer peels combined with powerful antioxidants to hydrate; plump and rejuvenate your skin Delivering powerful antioxidants to promote healing and cell renewal Micro-skin resurfacing treatment to smooth and eliminate imperfections Clinical light therapy to rejuvenate the dermal structures; firm; heal and rejuvenate