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Darker and Black Skin Care

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Thorntonhall-therapies-black-skin care-treatments GlasgowDarker and Black Skin Care is Colour Blind

Human skin colour is primarily due to the presence of melanin in the skin. Skin colour ranges from almost black to white. It is often believed that the darker the skin tone the less skincare protection is required. However; black skin also requires protection from the sun and other environmental factors.

It might surprise you to learn that darker skin tones do not require special skin-care products. Why not? Because skin colour is not a skin type.

PRIORI® products are ethnic neutral and can be used with great results on any colour skin. A number of their products especially the CoffeeBerry® range are better suited to darker or black skin tones.

A full range of darker and black skin care PRIORI® products and treatments are available from Thorntonhall Therapies. I would suggest that you book a free no obligation consultation to allow me to discuss your skin concerns and recommend a bespoke skincare programme.

The prices for a bespoke, black skin care, facial start from £70.00 depending upon your skin concerns, please contact me for a free no obligation skin assessment to find out more.