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Anti Ageing Skin Care

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thorntonhall-Therapies-Anti---Ageing-Skin-care-treatment GlasgowAnti Ageing

Ageing is caused by biological and environmental factors. As we age there is a decrease in the amount of skin cells produced and our skin starts to thin and a decrease in hydration; resulting in a comprised skin repair mechanism. Whilst we all understand the cause of biological ageing is, environmental ageing is a term less met and it is a factor that we rarely take into account, in fact due to daily exposure to environmental pollution, of whatever type, we are not ageing we are oxidising!

Anti ageing skin care is more than just removing the wrinkles, to get truly rejuvenating skin a number of factors need to be improved. Cell turnover needs to be increased, skin tone needs to be evened out, pigmentation reduced, reduction of redness and capillary damage needs to be reduced and the skin needs to be thickened by increasing collagen, elastin and hydration levels.

Treatment for anti-ageing relies totally on skincare analysis which is the first part of any treatment undertaken at Thorntonhall Therapies and normally occurs as part of your free no obligation consultation.

The prices for a bespoke anti ageing skin care facial start from £70.00 depending upon your skin concerns, please contact me for a free no obligation skin assessment to find out more.