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Acne Skin Care

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Acne Skin Care Treatments

Acne is a skin condition that results in inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions, commonly associated with adolescent skin however; it actually affects many age groups at different stages of life. It can start as early as 8-9 years old and 40 year olds can still be afflicted, with over 5% of females still having acne at this age.

There are many myths associated with acne such as “poor skin hygiene”, “you will outgrow it”, “poor diet”, and the worst of all “It is not very serious”, all of which are not true and generally regurgitated by non-acne sufferers. Acne affects confidence and causes stress especially amongst adolescents.

Whilst acne cannot be cured it can be controlled. A daily acne skincare programme, and Omnilux Blue™ and Revive acne treatments are extremely effective in treating the outbreaks and reducing acne scarring. Every acne skin condition is different and I would recommend that you book a free no obligation consultation to allow me to assess your acne skincare symptoms and develop an acne treatment specific to your needs.

I have achieved great results with juvenile acne and the change the treatment makes to the lives of young adolescents, and their parents is amazing.

Acne Skincare Courses For Your Face

  • Omnilux Acne Management Treatment Course £495.00 – 9  treatments, 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks and a final treatment 12 weeks later.
  • PRIORI Acne Management Peel Course £210.00 – Three peels with Omnilux Revive treatments administered 2 weeks apart. After the first three treatments I will assess your skin condition and a further three peels may be necessary, dependant upon your skin’s response.

Acne Skincare Courses For Your Back, Arms and Decollete

  • Medik8 Beta Peels course £270.00 – 6 weekly treatments. I would recommend this course of peels for acne on the back, arms or décolleté.