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Three years In and a sample turns the lights on

The 26 May 2009 marks the day that my husband and I walked through the doors of 360innovate and took the first steps to realising “To Me Love Me (TMLM)”. Our business concept was very simple, I wanted to pass on my passion for skincare, using “PRIORI® and Vitage® cosmeceuticals” to a wider audience, and he wanted to make the purchasing experience, particularly the manner in which the products are delivered,  a better, more personal, experience than most web sites and of course we both wanted to make the business work.

My husband was still employed in the Royal Navy when we started, I have my skincare clinic and TMLM occupied most of our spare time, including time travelling to and from work, boring our friends and family, with what, in retrospect, must have been the worst subject to discuss over a bottle of wine or a family lunch, and the occasional weekend away. It took just over 3 months to move from concept to launch which happened in September and our first real sales happened in October 09.

Nevertheless; we were on the web and selling products, now we are 3 years old and our business is steadily moving forward with the help and assistance of 360innovate who have remained our constant web specialists and rubbing blocks. I cannot imagine how many times they must have wrung their hands in despair as they tried, successfully I may add, to manage our expectations and encourage me to embrace social media (It is so distant to what I am passionate about but so important in terms of letting you know what we are doing and spreading the word that quality skincare is so easily achievable).

My husband meanwhile is heavily involved in the nuts and bolts of the business and has started to develop more than a passing interest in skincare himself, a far cry from the sea and warships (as he keeps reminding me). However; the transition from working for the Queen to working for a far more demanding female seems to have gone quite smoothly.

He uses PRIORI® Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser every day, also uses it as a shaving cream and follows it up with creams as prescribed by his new employer! Last week I opened a PRIORI® Cellular Recovery Serum Sample, which I thought was empty, he chanced upon the open sachet and used the product instead of his normal creams and then proceeded to tell me how wonderful the product was (as if I did not know)… I cannot tell you how many times I have told him that PRIORI® Cellular Recovery Serum (to misquote Carlsberg) is quite possibly the best skincare product in the world, perhaps now he will listen more attentively.

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