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The Best Protection a Girl Can Lay Her Hands On!



I would like to tell you about protection! Not safety boots, not hard hats or even rubber gloves but SPF – Sun Protection Factor. Recently, I was staying with friends in New Zealand and school children over there are checked daily to make sure they are wearing SPF, their skincare starts early however; it is never to late to start our own families regime.


Our skin is bombarded by UV rays, whatever the weather. These rays break down the lipid barrier, our skins own natural layer of protection. Clinical papers have proven that an SPF can seriously reduce skin cancer and skin ageing, as the world gets warmer and UV penetrates the seemingly diminishing ozone layer we all need to wear SPF.


Get caught without protection, sometimes for only a moment and that well known redness, or burning, follows shortly after. A sun tan is really dead skin cells, hiding, for a while, the damage being done beneath the skins surface. So even if you are not a peely wally …… think SPF whatever the weather and protect yourself daily. If you don’t want to be wrinkly, leathery, old prunes in later life get your protection on now and protect your children too!


P.S. A sun hat and sunglasses would not go amiss either – Think Audrey Hepburn

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