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Sun Awareness Campaign

It is not only me banging on about how you should be using a Sun Protection Factor. Phillip Schofield is promoting a Sun Awareness campaign on National television this week.

According to forecasters, summer is arriving a month earlier than usual and they say it starts this week. In my blogs I do mention from time to time …. to follow my skincare advice, now is the time to protect your and your families, friends skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

The sun’s UV rays cause skin damage like sun spots and wrinkles, but can also cause, potentially fatal, skin cancer. Malignant melanoma kills over 2000 people a year.

So please remember SOS

  • Slap on Sunscreen,
  • Slip on a Shirt,
  • Seek out Shade,
  • Step out the Sun, especially between 11am and 3 pm.

The Skin Cancer Federation recommend the use of AHA Daily Defense SPF 30 (Sorry about the American spelling, but that is how they treat our language), Radical Defense and Coffeeberry Natural Daily Protection SPF 25 and their make up too as ideal protection.

Remember it is not any old skin it is your skin you are in!

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