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Summer, SPF Make Up and Pimms

Long summer days encourage Pimms consumption and sometime over consumption of Pimms… Therefore the next day can result in feeling slightly under the weather which can distort your make up application. In the house your hungover efforts can look passable but in the natural light this can result in a bit of overkill and result in unfavourable comments from friends and family. So here are my top tips for using CoffeeBerry 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals and Bare Escentuals makeup to ensure you look fresh faced and natural at all times! I would apply and do my eye make up first so that spillage can be easily wiped away.  If you did the foundation first then this would affect your application of your foundation when you wiped any excess from the eye, which there is bound to be.

1) Use the correct brush – Using the correct brush can mean the makeup is applied properly. For a full selection of brushes see here Brushes
If I had to pick a favourite brush for foundations then it would this Priori Kabuki Brush because it is Eco Friendly, Cruelty free and feels like cashmere on your skin. I love it. For your eyes my favourite brush is Double Ended Precision Brush as the small end is great for applying products to the eye lid.
2) Use the correct amount – a small amount and build gradually for your foundations, complexion products.  You will need a decent amount of the mineral makeup on the brush for the eye area.
3) Blend and Tap – The correct technique can mean that the mineral adheres to the brush then goes on
4) Cotton buds are essential – These are great for removing any mistakes in the eye area.
5) Take your time – Slow and steady is the key especially around the eyes where an extra 5 minutes can mean a huge difference between splodgy and stunning!
Try to avoid applying when drunk. Unfortunately spillages can occur…. This happened to a friend at the races who managed to spill all of her Mineral Veil over her dress. She had a good night but perhaps best to avoid touch ups after the champagne has been flowing!

Enjoy the lovely weather and please remember your SPF.


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