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Skincare Travel Tips

Skincare Products that I Travel with
Managing your skincare regime whilst on holiday or on a business trip is never as easy as it is at home. Airport regulations for Hand luggage restrictions and baggage weights may also put us in the mind-set “that our skincare regimes can wait until we return”.
Well we don’t have to give in to regulations and  restrictions and I would like to pass on my skincare travel tips and give you an insight into the products that I travel with, but before I do this let’s take a look at what we can take on the plane in our hand luggage.
Hand Luggage
The current hand luggage restrictions posted on the UK Gov Website  when taking liquids in your hand luggage are:

  • containers must hold no more than 100ml
  • containers should be in a single, transparent, reseal able plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm
  • contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed
  • the bag must not be knotted or tied at the top
  • it is limited to 1 plastic bag per person
  • You must show the bag at the airport security point
  • Some airports have these bags for free and others can charge up to £3.00 per bag, my answer used to be to get a some Ziploc bags from the  supermarket or better still from a pound shop (I sent my husband which reduces the price even further!). Now of course I use my “PRIORI” travel bag.

How many bottles is that?
Well if you can fit them in to the bag you could take 10 x 100ml bottles, but remember the bag, according to the UK Gov, has to seal and the bottles have to fit comfortably within the bag.
What I take
Long or short trips, particularly by air or rail de-hydrate your skin, can make it puffy and cause dark circles, just when you want to look your best. I usually take the following skincare products with me, as they fit in my hand luggage and maintain my skincare regime over the duration of the trip:

  • Cleanser (CoffeeBerry® for me) (Cleanse) I decant it into a smaller 75ml container (the pound shop is a good source for these containers).
  • 50ml PRIORI® Cellular Recovery Serum (hydration and  anti-inflammatory)
  • 15ml Advanced AHA Eye Serum (corrector for eyes which reduce puffiness and dark circles)
  • 30 ml CoffeeBerry Brightening Facial complex (moisturiser)
  • An SPF 30 (Idebenone radical defence is my choice) (Protect)
  • A Vitage Natural Lip Lustre (4 grams approx 6ml (given the density if the product))
  • For shorter trips, or tighter budgets, you could get away with a cleanser, moisturiser and the all-important  SPF.

That is it, a maximum of 6 and minimum of 3 bottles, all well under the guideline size and all fitting into the 20cm bag.
My make-up goes in my suitcase, in the hold, along with a hydrating mask and an SPF 20 lip balm. I would also add in Vitage hand and body lotion SPF 15 as this is a great after sun product.  If I was travelling with young children I would also consider including Vitage Skin Calming Aloe Vera Gel.
I hope this all helps.
Trisha Harvey Thorntonhall Therapies
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