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Fatal Skin Disease is on the Rise

A recent report carried in the Daily Express on Saturday June 12th 2010 identified that death rates amongst Scots suffering the deadliest skin cancer have soared by more than 33% over the last 10 years.

Tory public health spokeswoman Nanette Milne said ‘these alarming figures just go to show the importance of public awareness and the need for families and individuals to be aware of skin disease and protect their skin, especially during the summer months.’

The reason I have published this alarming piece of news is that I feel so strongly about how I think everyone from the age of 6 months should be protecting their skin daily, not just in the summer months.

When I was a young girl, over 45 years ago, I used to go to Spain for 6 weeks during July and August every year and I never once put sunscreen on. In those days, as my kids say, “during the war……” our parents new very little about the link between excess sun and skin disease. Now we do and have no reason for ignoring the issue. We are swamped with advertising about protecting our skin but sometimes never really understand how important it is to protect our skin even when we do not think we are exposed to the sun.

Please remember to put on a daily application of SPF (15- 30) on every day of the year. Prevention is better than cure. It is so easy to do this as SPF is included in makeup and facial creams which will carry on protecting your face long after you have removed your sun tan lotion and left the beach behind you.

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