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PRIORI to the Rescue – What a Week

Living in Scotland you become accustomed to the vagaries of the weather however; last week was a humdinger. It started with snow on Sunday followed by a further 2 inches overnight and more on Monday and Tuesday. The snow was so heavy on Sunday night that we woke up around 3 am because the nearly full moon and the covering of snow filled the bedroom with reflected light. Then we had torrential rain on Tuesday evening and on and off all day Wednesday which cleared the snow but caused local flooding. A week full of weather already. Now it was just about to be capped by a red weather warning on Wednesday evening. When we woke on Thursday we were expecting it to be windy, but not knock you down on the floor windy, I opened the bathroom window and the invading wind resulted in the flannel being blown off the sink and the day got progressively windier and windier, resulting in two of our trees being blown over (a large Scots Pine and a slightly smaller Cypressa)and some fencing panels to be totally blown to pieces. Friday afternoon the wind died down in time to let the snow fall again, unfortunately the resulting calm and clear skies caused the temperatures to drop and the roads froze over. Yesterday one of the trees was cleared and the debris on the drive, deck and front garden tidied up just in time to hear that we may be in for a similar week of weather next week……… So far this Blog has little to do with skincare and reads like the weather report. I promise you that I am not moaning about the weather and I do love living in Scotland, there is a great sense of community and the sense of humour is second to none check out the so called “Hurricane Bawbag” T shirts on sale if you need any further convincing, and now for the skincare…..

I have been re-visiting Combination Facial Treatment’s(CFT) recently and would like to share my revised CFT, using the new Vitage products, for the treatment of acne with you. The treatment is primarily for home use. Very simply the treatment replaces the constant use of the PRIORI ® Advanced AHA Perfection Facial Gel by alternating it with the Vitage® Correct and Perfect Skin Serum. I have advised my existing salon clients and I have changed my daughters Acne skincare programme to the revised treatment and those that have changed, love the results together with the reduction in price of the routine.

AMCleanse, Correct using either PRIORI ® Advanced AHA Perfection Facial Gel or Vitage® Correct and Perfect Skin Serum, Hydrate using a moisturiser (PRIORI ® Advanced AHA Barrier Repair complex – not required if your skin is oily)and Protect an SPF 30 (ideally PRIORI ® Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF30 or  Vitage® Skin Defence SPF30) which is a must for all skin types.

PM – Follow the same routine and use the Corrector that you did not use in your morning routine and only hydrate if your skin feels dry. If you cleanse prior to going to bed you do not need to re-apply the SPF however; if you cleanse earlier in the evening you should reapply the SPF as it protects against UVA (a product of modern living environment, TV, PC, Light emissions etc) as well as UVB.

If you are unsure about this routine please contact me before commencing or changing your existing routine for further advice.

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