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Idebenone Skin Care – Value for Money?

I flew down to London  recently and, as we all do, I found I had time to wander around the cosmetic and skincare shops prior to returning to Glasgow. You may have wondered why PRIORI® Idebenone skin care products can never be found in these shops? PRIORI® products can only be sold by retailers who have received full PRIORI® training and use the products in their accredited treatment rooms; hence its absence from the mainstream retail outlets.
For some time Idebenone has been an ingredient, used I believe under license to PRIORI®, in a number of Prevage products and can be found for sale in Airport lounges. If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that Idebenone Complex is my favourite PRIORI® product, I have even gone so far as declaring an addiction to it. Imagine my surprise when I realised that when I mentally carried out a PRIORI® Idebenone skin care review against the Prevage products I realised that the Prevage products do not have the same active Idebenone ingredient content as the PRIORI® Idebenone Complex products which I use and sell.
You may remember that PRIORI® Idebenone Complex products were relaunched late last year and I took time to tell you all about them and the advantages they had over the previous range. It seems that the Prevage products contain the previous Idebenone formula and not the one found in the current PRIORI® skincare range. I do not understand why this is and my research is only based upon the information available on the Prevage and PRIORI® product labels.
In these times of recession the good news is that if you carry out a PRIORI® Idebenone skin care review against Prevage Idebenone skin care products you will realise that you are getting an updated, more active, PRIORI®  Idebenone product at a considerably cheaper cost than Prevage.
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