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Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30 – Summer Skin care for Children

Recent UK Government reports on sun exposure have highlighted that school children need to cover up so I thought I would post about summer skin care for children,

To Me Love Me - summer Skincare for childremProlonged over-exposure to the sun and episodes of sunburn under the age of 15 are major risk factors for skin cancer in later life and the British Association of Dermatology estimates that four out of five skin cancer deaths are preventable. Simple measures like seeking shade, covering up and using sunscreen, can prevent these dangers over exposure and I would recommend that you use Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30 as your sunscreen of choice.  

NICE suggests parents could provide sunscreen for their children who could, in turn, be taught how to apply it for themselves. Children could even be encouraged to help their school-friends put theirs on, says NICE.

I have a number of posts about summer skin care and only earlier this week I posted about family skincare, you can find all this information under the summer skincare posts on the right hand side of the page. 

Priori Daily Defence SPF 30

Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30 is a great product to use on your children before they go to school, it combines SPF and UVA and consists of a  luxurious,white,non-greasy, velvety cream with an SPF 30 anti-ageing sun protection and a sun-screen against premature ageing UVB and UVA rays.

Use PRIORI® Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30 for essential dual action protection for your child’s delicate skin. 

Suitable for children from the age of 6 months, the product should be used every morning come hail or shine, winter and summer! Apply generously prior to sun exposure and re-apply as needed or after swimming, towel drying or showering. 

Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30  is great for sensitive skins and is one of the few products on the market which is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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