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Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30 – Face Cream with a High SPF

thorntonhall therapies Priori AHA-Daily-Defense-spf30A number of my new clients come to me with sun damaged skin and ask me what they should use to ensure the damage is protected and possibly diminished as well.


My first recommendation is always Priori Daily Defense SPF 30. It is suitable for all ages from 6 months onwards and should be used whatever the weather. Apply generously and reapply as needed especially after swimming, sports and showering.


Priori® Skincare products are amongst the best in the world and this AHA product is great for sensitive, sun damaged skins including Roscaea and Psoriasis sufferers. Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30 is one of the few skincare products on the market which is recommended by the Skin Cancer Federation and has a UV-A rating of 10.


More information on SPF and UV-A can be found here Information is Beautiful.


UV-A was thought to have minor effect on skin damage, but studies are showing that UV-A is a major contiributor to skin ageing. UV-A penetrates deeper into the skin, is more constant that other UV radiation and is not filtered by glass. I would recommend that as well as considering the SPF rating of a skincare product you should also look for the UV-A rating as well.


On application this product can tingle and some of my clients equate this to other products which may cause a reaction after use. I rarely see any sort of skin reaction to Priori® Daily Defense SPF 30  and recommend it wholeheartedly to you.


Do not forget that the Priori® AHA content in this skincare product will also help to treat the signs of premature ageing caused by sun damage.

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