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CoffeeBerry ® Natureceuticals from PRIORI®

As part of my summer skincare blogs I thought it might be useful to go over some old ground and rediscover the benefits of the PRIORI® CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals range of products.
It is a powerful anti oxidant. CoffeeBerry ® extract is the main element of the PRIORI® CoffeeBerry ® range and it is nature’s most potent botanical, derived from the whole fruit of the coffee plant; scientists believe it is the most powerful natural antioxidant ever discovered. CoffeeBerry® is an anti-ageing extract of the coffee plant, known as the coffee cherry, and is an antioxidant rich fruit that is proven to be at least three times more efficient than Green Tea at fighting free radicals.
CoffeeBerry ® refers to the whole coffee fruit extract that has been harvested at the most optimum time and it is completely different to regular coffee bean extract that has been used in cosmetics for some time. CoffeeBerry ® contains many polyphenol antioxidants that prevent cellular damage to the skin caused by UV rays and free radical activity. In clinical trials using 0.5% CoffeeBerry® there was a 55% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a 40% improvement in overall skin smoothness
PRIORI® CoffeeBerry ® Natureceuticals™ is the first and only all natural cosmeceutical line, with safe and natural antioxidant properties. The PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™ range includes a Revitalising Cleanser, Tightening Serum, Radiance Eye Serum, Daily Complex, Night Complex, Brightening Facial Complex, Body Emulsion, Slimming Body Complex, Natural Daily Protection SPF25, a Professional Botanical Enzyme Masque and Dietary supplements.
Thorntonhall Therapies the full range of PRIORI® CoffeeBerry ® Natureceuticals™ and here’s the reason why:

  • Broad Spectrum UV Protection: UVB SPF 25 & UVA 10
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation
  • Hydrating healthy skin formulations made from natural minerals and mineral pigments
  • Clinically tested
  • 100% natural packaging made from biodegradable, natural plant plastics created by INGEO™
  • Eco-friendly, anti-bacterial cruelty free brushes

I hope this blog has explained a little more about the CoffeeBerry ® products to you and helped you realise the benefits of these totally natural products.
Warmest Regards and Happy Summer Holidays.
Trisha Harvey Thorntonhall Therapies

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