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Old Clothes and Porridge

I hope this blog finds everyone well and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.
Apologies for not blogging over the last few weeks but unfortunately I had an extremely bad bout of flu which I think practically everyone in Britain has had at some stage over the last few months. I was abed for 6 days prior to the Christmas break, having to cancel the busiest week in my Clinic. Christmas was just another day, we didn’t have our Christmas lunch until Boxing Day and there were no presents wrapped, although, this never really happens much before the 24th anyway!
It has been quite a long winter already and as beautiful as the snow looks; my gaze always looks for the green grass to rest upon, especially after weeks of white. It began to thaw at the beginning of last week and I just got the sight of green grass on Thursday last and then on Friday night there was another heavy fall and hey presto we are back to white.
On the plus side the longest night, 21st December, has been and gone. This is always a long awaited day here in Scotland as it means the nights are getting shorter and spring is not far away….
On an even happier note I got married on the 29th December, luckily I was feeling 95% better, although during the week prior to my wedding day, when I was lying in bed feeling dreadful, I was practically crying and telling anyone that would listen “I am not going to get better and I have been looking forward to this day since Paul (my partner) proposed in March” nevertheless I did get better.
I also said I would never get married again, but “never say never”. I met Paul on an internet dating site 3 ½ years ago, we are just so lucky to have met and get a second chance at happiness.
The 29th was just the perfect day, because the wedding was in December you don’t have any weather expectations and therefore the weather is one less thing to worry about and as this is second time around for both of us, there was no parental pressure and we were able to ask our close friends and relatives. We had 22 guests and everyone just got on so well.
The marriage took place in the Park Circus Registry Office, Glasgow. This is a lovely building, it was previously the Italian Consulate and all the sumptuous furnishings still remain in place. After the vows we returned to the house for a light buffet, cake, champagne and speeches and later in the evening a coach from Dodds of Troon took us in to the Urban Brasserie and Grill in St Vincent Place. It is our favourite place with great food and service. The building was originally owned by “The Bank of England” and we found ourselves eating in the old board room which is extremely private and rather grand.
I had my dress and topcoat made at Kerfuffle 0141 644 4328 by Elspeth Ker who is a most helpful, friendly professional lady and a wonderful seamstress (pictures to come later when we get them). Elspeth also made my daughters dress and she looked so beautiful. Her speech was fantastic as well; all that money spent on her Oxford education was not wasted….
The flowers were just divine, the arrangements and my bouquet were all designed by another extremely talented lady Enid Reid 0141636 9221. I got my hat from Fabhatrix in Edinburgh 0131 225 9222 and it was beautifully made, Enid also ensured that my bouquet matched the cockade in my hat and the colour theme was carried through to the flower arrangements in the house and the table arrangement in the Urban Brasserie.
My hair was elegantly coiffured by Michael and my make-up applied by Sandra. Michael and Sandra are wonderful friends and he proposed to Sandra on Christmas day….. There was so much romance in the air on the 29th! Sandra used PRIORI ® CoffeeBerry perfecting minerals, concealer, finishing touch and sun kissed minerals on my face and he eye makeup and lipstick were both Bare Escentuals products.
I hope you do not mind me including the contact details in my blog but I couldn’t recommend everyone, who was involved, highly enough and they deserve the recognition.
My husband, Paul, wore his Naval Uniform. He has been in the Royal Navy for 36 years (man and boy) and in my opinion he looked so handsome. The other male guests wore kilts which I must say, and I am probably biased given my nationality, are just the smartest out fits, second only to that wonderful dark blue and gold uniform.
The whole day was full of fun and humour and this is clearly evident in the wedding photos, it was a wonderful day, surrounded by friends, and both Paul and I know it will live in our memories forever.
So why is the title of this article called “old clothes and porridge”, well this is the expression my Dad used to use when life reverted back to normality and after such a fantastic week of celebration, followed by a great New Year’s Eve party, normality has been welcomed back through the front door along with a lump of coal and black bun.
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