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Mens Skin Care

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Mens Skin Care

Traditionally, men spend less time on their skin care than women, although you do the most damage to it, either through intensive outdoor work or outdoor sports and activities. Furthermore, a stigma has arisen around mens skin care which has, in the past, been associated with a slightly more effete disposition. Scotsmen are bucking this trend (Daily Mail Jul 12) and realising the benefits of good skincare particularly in a country where UVA and UVB exposure is high (it doesn’t have to be sunny for your skin to be damaged).

My “Mens skin care” treatments are not ” A dream in a Jar” they are common sense,  jargon free  and designed specifically for men of all ages and skin types. Appointments can be made for the evenings and Saturdays, there is no waiting room and you will never see another client leaving or entering my clinic, in other words it is totally discrete.

There are adverts everywhere for men’s skincare, on the tube, bus, television and in every man’s magazine you care to pick up. However, there are just a few things you really need to know:

  • Taking care of your skin is easy.
  • Your skin reveals a great deal about your general health and diet through simple observation and from a woman’s POV a lot of observation goes on before we talk to you!
  • Your skin is the largest organ you have, it is a protective layer against the elements and it breathes and perspires to provide overall temperature control for your body.
  • Good skin care is an investment in your health and longevity.
  • A simple routine with quality skincare products will make a huge difference to your skins health.
  • Quality products really do deliver great results.

Treatments Specifically designed for Mens Skin Care

My  full range of men’s skincare treatments are shown below:


Skin Pick Me Up Back Treatment Manly Brow Blocked Pore Cleanse Ultimate Overhaul
£75.00 - 1 hour facial cleanse and skin treatment £55.00 - 50 minute cleanse and massage of your back £30.00 - 30 minute treatment to sort out your eyebrows and the tender skin around your eyes £75.00 - Deep cleanse and complete skin detox. 1 hour treatment to help reduce open pores and scarring whilst accelerating skin repair £85.00 - 1 hour 15 minutes - The ideal treatment for tired/stressed and dehydrated skin. Helping to calm irritation and minimize the harsh effects of shaving and environmental damage

Acne Treatment Course

Acne Management Treatment course £ 495.00 (9 intensive treatments at £ 55.00 rather than £ 60.00 (2 sessions a week for 4 weeks and a final treatment 12 weeks later)).

NB. Please note the course does not include the cost of the skincare products which are an integral part of the treatment. Please ring or contact me using the form below for the full details of this course.

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What to do before you attend

Make sure you shave art least 24 hours before turning  up as this will maximise the effect of your treatment