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Heat Rash

I haven’t posted for a while as I have been busy promoting my other business Thorntonhall Therapies on the web, shooting (listen to me me!) videos and setting up a special promotion.
If you live within 50 miles of Glasgow and are interested in the special offer please click on this link. Anyhow, whilst I was doing this I was wondering what I should weblog next, this and the current Scottish heatwave led me to thinking about heat rash.

My mother’s hairdresser is going on holiday and she was telling her, my Mum, about her heat rash problem. Mum immediately thought of me and asked me if I had any skincare products to help her hairdresser. Now, my mother is extremely skeptical about the skincare products I use and supply, as she is of certain generation that do not believe in global warming, skincare problems etc etc and doesn’t believe that changing her skincare regime will make any difference to her skin at her age.
Furthermore, not only does she not believe in change, she doesn’t want to understand, which is fair enough as she is 80 after all. To give you an example when I mentioned to her that I had joined an online dating site, she asked me to explain what it was and then remarked, in her haughtiest voice ‘Oh dear Trisha, you must be soooooo desperate’. To which I replied “No Mum I am having some fun!”

Anyway, getting back to the subject, I told her I had two fantastic skincare products, “PRIORI Advanced AHA Invigorating Hand and Body Scrub“, which it great for clearing the clogged pores of the skin and ” PRIORI Advanced AHA Daily Daily Defense SPF30” which is a very light SPF 30 and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Federation for the protection against the sun, that if used together would help reduce the heat rash problem.

NB: For those of you who are not aware heat rash is caused by the skin pores being blocked and the problem can be further exaggerated by the use of chemical filled sunscreen which, ironically when you are trying to help your skin by protecting it, makes the heat rash condition worse.

Quickly and to cut this story short, especially as it is in danger of becoming long winded and anti mother (which I am not) my mum bought the products for her hairdresser, not at all
convinced that they would work (I knew I was on a winner here as I have clients who specifically email or ring me to tell me how good this product combination is).

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from my mother, just after the shoot (remember my special offer at the top of the page!!) last week telling me that her hairdresser was over the moon, raving about the products, how wonderful her daughter was and how she loved the results as she had no heat rash on her holiday. I actually thought my Mum had got the wrong phone number!

The upside of this, as well as having a new client, is that I have convinced and converted my mother, if she remembers long enough, to the use of PRIORI anti ageing skincare products, which is definitely saying something!

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