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The Danger of Being too Organised? Gyrotonic Training in London

I have recently completed introduction training in London for my Gyrotonic machine. You know how important it is to have total range of movement and keep mobile well I found Gyrotonic training 10 years ago, loved it and knew one day I would come back to it.
I ran a 10 kilometre race, in Troon, earlier this year and decided to attend 5 Gyrotonic lessons beforehand to help me prepare. I could not believe my body the day after the race, I was in no pain at all. Usually I feel discomfort in my calves knowing that I have run and I am generally stiff from the effort. I realised that the Gyrotonic training had effectively managed to remove my post race discomfort and it was with this knowledge in mind that I realised that the time in life to return to this machine had come!
In order to buy a machine you have to attend a pre training course in London over two weekends. This in itself was exciting for me as, whilst I enjoy travelling, I am not used to doing it on my own and especially in a big City, involving changes of planes, trains and the underground.
I didn’t sleep the night before my first weekend in anticipation of the travelling, having to negotiate the tube with a suitcase,(I am such a bad packer take far too many clothes, my make-up, skincare and yes I take my pillow), finding the hotel etc. However; all went without a hitch and the weekend was amazing I loved the training, the trainers and the like minded people on the course. The weekend was weather was very hot and the temperature was around 31 degrees. I am a woman of a certain age and don’t fair particularly well in these hot, hot, temperatures so I was extremely glad to arrive home to the cooler fresher weather of Glasgow.
Two weekends later I returned to London for the second course and I was surprised at how relaxed I was, there was no sleepless night, the night before and I didn’t even have the tube stations that I needed, printed out. I was off on another adventure, full of gay abandon and knew everything I needed to know….How wrong could I be!
I was dropped off at the Airport in plenty of time, as I don’t like to rush. I was waiting in the lounge at Glasgow Airport, enjoying a coffee, people watching and content in the knowledge that I was next to the departure gate, gate 21, and the next thing I heard over the tannoy was:
“Would passenger Hughes, travelling to City of London please report to gate 17 immediately as the flight is ready to depart”.
Well you have never seen anyone run so fast to gate 17, I was the second last person on the plane but probably had the fastest heart rate on the plane. I have never ever boarded a plane like this before. I sat down on my seat next to this lovely lady, June, who was from Paisley and we had a fabulous flight chatting away to each other and we got on so well.
As we approached London City airport, at this point I feel as if I am in the “Apprentice” with the scenery of London clearly visible from the plane, we discussed our tube travel. Explaining my route to to June I was surprised as to why she brought out a tube map, after all she was originally from London before she moved to Glasgow and I knew where I was going….. Wrong again.
I didn’t appreciate that my description of my ongoing tube journey was actually the return route, retracing my steps from London Bridge to the airport after the end of the last weekend course forgetting that this time I was going to the hotel which is in Marble arch. Luckily for me June put me right and I managed to reach my destination without any further mishap.
My next steps are teacher training involving two 6 day training sessions, I have to get this journey off pat otherwise I could end up anywhere – I think I will have to pay more attention to where I am going and re-organise myself.


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