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Guest Post – Rachel Converts!

As Trisha’s daughter, the benefits of a good skincare routine have been drilled into me over many years. As a consequence I now have an almost Pavlovian reflex to put on SPF before venturing outside. It may be overcast and drizzling outside with no UVB rays but the UVA rays will still have detrimental effect!

However, only recently, I have I converted my boyfriend (a self-confessed metrosexual) to PRIORI®. My boyfriend is part of a growing trend of metrosexuals (men who care about their appearance) In 2010 men’s skin care market amounted to around $30 million in 2010 ( with a 40% predicted future growth in men’s skincare. I have found that the hard facts helped to sell skincare to my boyfriend, I just know what is good for my skin!
When I met him, he was a fan of another product range and hadn’t heard of PRIORI®. However, due to my endless enthusiasm for PRIORI®, plus a visit to Scotland where he met my mum, he is now a complete convert.  He has even taken to stocking up with PRIORI® just so he doesn’t run out of it! Furthermore; the benefits of dating him have expanded to include being able to use his cleanser, moisturiser and scrub when I stay over…
To Me Love Me makes it simple for men to choose the right product for their skin even breaking down the products into categories to help them choose. When, I quizzed my boyfriend (for this blog) as to why he uses PRIORI he said that he loved how it felt on his skin and in the past 2 months of using it his skin has improved immeasurably. It’s great news for me as for future birthdays, Christmas etc., I am now not stuck for presents and if he wants products in between these events he can order through To Me Love Me. The simplest PRIORI® products are the best though and I think that he would definitely draw the line at PRIORI make up range, even though I have heard that tired salesmen are prone to using eye serums and make up to hide their dark circles!

Kindest Regards

Rachel is a sustainability consultant currently living and working in Oxford and London 

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