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All Brides want to look amazing on their Glasgow Wedding day

All brides want to look amazing on their Glasgow wedding day, I know as I am getting married for the second time later this year. I said I would never do it again, but I have met this amazing guy the on Friends Reunited Dating Site, who I would never have met in everyday life. We are both extremely lucky to have a second chance in life and at 50 as well. Sorry, I digress….


For perfect Glasgow wedding beauty, I would recommend you start to think about your skincare at least 8-12 months before your wedding day. The PRIOR®products I sell on my site and in my Clinic are all cosmeceutical products – they work at deeper level at maintaining skin health. They change how your skin behaves, they enhance the skin but also treat its underlying problems, rather than cosmetic products that cover up, fill in and hide. My full plan for your wedding skincare can be found on this page.


Using PRIORI® products will help you achieve a naturally gorgeous look with luminous healthy looking skin that needs minimal makeup. If you would like Wedding help then please book a free consultation with Thorntonhall Therapies in Glasgow 0141 644 1594 and I will be delighted to help. Remember no amount of make up will compensate for a non-existent skincare routine.

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