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Ever been addicted to something?

I went to the launch of the Cosmeceuticals re-developed Priori Idebenone products in Edinburgh last week.
The evolved Idebenone products are now known as “Priori Idebenone Complex” and it has taken Cosmeceuticals 4 years to develop them.
I introduced myself to the Cosmeceuticals MD as “Hi I am Trish Hughes and I am an Age Defying Body Cream Addict.’

This particular cream was launched at the beginning of May and I have been using it for over two months now morning and night and I am very impressed. I really can see and feel the difference between this product and its older stable mate. I restrict myself to applying it to my arms, hands, chest area and lower leg, as it is a top end of the market cream and have found my skin to be a lot brighter, more hydrated, smoother and generally looking really healthy.

Age Defying Body Cream It is the most advanced antioxidant body cream (with an EPF 95+) on the market and I am so privileged to be selling it.
That might sound corny but I really believe I am. For those of you who are serious about whole body skincare this is your cream. If this product was a dress it would have been made by Versace. Okay it is expensive at £85 and it won’t float everyone’s boat, but I know it will some of you.

Sorry I deviated into my own” Age Defying Body Cream world there!

The re-developed product range is at the fore front of skincare development especially if you are serious about preventing ageing, they are suitable for all skin types and feel as luxurious as a silk pillowcase drifting across your face and body.
Two other products I have been using intensively in my therapy rooms are Priori Idebenone Complex moisturiser, this immediately re-hydrates your skin and carries on working for over 8 hours and Priori Idebenone Complex eye cream which reduces puffiness, dark circles and smoothes the skin around the eye area.

Idebenone is the most powerful anti ageing antioxidant on the market and these newly launched products are definitely ‘Skincare on Demand’.
The Cosmeceuticals slogan for the new product range is “Use it Today or wish that you had” I am so glad that I have added it to my anti-ageing armoury.

Please visit “To Me Love Me ” or the Cosmeceuticals site for more information.

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