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Does the layering of PRIORI® Skincare Products Have an Adverse Effect?

I was recently asked by a Tomeloveme client ‘Does the layering of PRIORI® Skincare products have an adverse effect?’

The simple answer to my client’s question is an emphatic “Definitely not”, “the layering of PRIORI® Skincare products will not have an adverse effect, if used correctly and in conjunction with a professional skincare assessment”. I thought I would share the reasoning behind my answer in case you may have similar concerns.

This particular client was thinking of including PRIORI® Cellular Recovery Serum and a PRIORI® Eye Serum into their daily routine, but thought that they may be using too many products and did not know where these products would fit into the daily skincare routine.

My client’s current routine included a Cleanser, Corrector, Moisturiser and an SPF. All of these products are engineered by PRIORI® scientists to be layered as they all have different functions for your skin. From my many other blogs on home skincare routines we know that the ideal four step programme is:

  • Cleanse, to prepare your skin
  • Correct, to encourage your skin to work as it did when you were younger
  • Hydrate, to add moisture to your skin
  • Protect, to provide a final cover to allow your previously applied products to work continuously and protect your skin from exposure to UVA (A=Ageing) pollutants that technology produces inside and outside our house and workplace and UVB (B= Burning) the sun and weather elements.
PRIORI® Cellular Recovery Serum and Eye Serum are the ideal products to add into your routine as they have different functions than those identified above:
  • An Eye Serum is especially designed for the delicate, thinner skin area of your eye which we want to treat with gentler, less active, products. You should not really be using your other skincare products within the area of your eye surrounded by the orbital bone.
  • The PRIORI® Cellular Recovery Serum is from PRIORI’s Target Skin Therapy Range which penetrates deep down into cellular level, targeting at DNA of the cells. This product helps reverse damage to your skins DNA caused by free radicals and like all PRIORI® skincare products has the support of clinically proven white papers to validate these claims.

Finally, the inclusion of the correct, extra, skincare products can only enhance the appearance of your skin but should only be introduced after a professional skincare assessment. If you have already included these or similar, additional, PRIORI® products into your skincare regime and my blog has made you reconsider the way you use them please don’t hesitate to contact me for further advice.

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