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Celtic Skin – Do your skincare products suit your skin type?

A recent visitor to my clinic turned  out to be a beauty therapist (but not a skincare specialist) and I always think it is a compliment when another therapist comes to my clinic for treatment.

This particular client had been diagnosed as a rosacea sufferer by her doctor. Her skin is very fair, (Celtic skin), she has red cheeks and spots on her chin. After consultation, I did not come to the same conclusion as her Doctor as I have seen many clients with rosacea and this appeared to be a case of very sensitive skin. The redness, I believe, has been caused by damage to the skins lipid barrier. The lipid barrier acts like a brick wall,  dead skin cells represent the bricks, and essential fats and lipids represent the mortar which are really important to the function of the barrier.

Skin is our bodies perfect solution for keeping hydration in and foreign substances out, and when the lipid barrier is impaired the skin becomes dehydrated and sensitive. Incorrect skincare products, over exfoliation, weather and ageing can all contribute to lipid barrier damage.

Identifying your skin type correctly and then using the correct care products for it, is the most important element of  personal skincare. For more information about your skin type or any other skincare queries please do not hesitate to contact me (01416441594 or or use my Free Skincare Assessment Form

Celtic skin should  be treated with very gentle skincare products and the correct product choice is paramount. The ideal PRIORI® products for very fair, sensitive skin are:

    One last point regarding the application of SPF 30, please, please, remember to protect your skin (even if the sun is not out) and finally, are you aware that an SPF 30 is 97% effective and an SPF 50 is 97.5% effective, so for all those extra ingredients (and money) you only receive an extra 0.5% protection!

    Protect your skin and enjoy the sun!

    Warmest Regards

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