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Be SPF Savvy – Your Skin, Your Choice

Do you find SPF numbers confusing or does your experience of sunscreens relate to a heavy, cloying and irritating product that has made your skin breakout, whilst using it or on even worse using it on holiday?


If this is the case no wonder you don’t want to use one every day. PRIORI® and Vitage® have professional sunscreens that are water based and will treat your skin with potent antioxidants and skin conditioners as well as protecting them from UV damage.


Which SPF?  A sunscreen between SPF 15-30 is widely regarded as the optimum level of skin protection.  Below SPF 15 the protection becomes barely worthwhile particularly if it is not applied in enough quantity; anything above SPF 30 will pile on more sunscreen ingredients yet give negligible additional protection.  Ideally an SPF 30 daily is the best option to reduce irritation and give optimum protection against ageing.


What about UVA?   UVA penetrates deeper than UVB (the burning ray) and therefore is actually more ageing, damaging the vital structures in the Dermis.  All of PRIORI® and Vitage® sunscreens have maximum UVA protection and this is denoted by the UVA symbol on the front of all packaging; this independently tested guide is the EU standard to denote UVA protection.


All PRIORI® sunscreens have been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation which is a great accolade.


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