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Ayr Flower Show

What a fabulous day in Scotland, the weather was fantastic and entertainment wonderful. We went to the 50th Anniversary of the Ayr flower show, I have not been for many years, in fact over 30 years. I used to go with my Dad, who is sadly gone now, as he used display his produce there many moons ago. For anyone living near Ayr the show is a must for next year’s diary, not surprisingly there are lots of beautiful flowers, the most wonderful vegetables, fantastic stalls and some pretty impressive dancing and music. All in all a Great day out.

I love silk pillow cases, I read sometime ago that using one helps to reduce facial lines overnight. By now you will have realised how passionate I am about my skin and will not, therefore, be surprised to know that I have been using a silk pillowcase for over 8 years. Today, at Ayr show, I bought the ultimate, night time, skincare accessory……. a silk pillow… I cannot wait to go to bed tonight, even though I will have to stay awake until 1.30 am as I am picking my son up from Edinburgh Airport at 12.45 am.

I have to mention the other product we bought it was ‘A light and easy steam mop’. We deliberated for a some time over this mop. We watched the demonstration which was impressive, but were still extremely sceptical. You know how watch certain TV programmes, the product looks great, you buy it, but then find out it is pretty useless when you get it home and try it? Well we were thinking along these lines. We spoke to Guy, the salesman who (obviously) assured us that it was the real deal and told us that this was his sixth year coming back to the Ayr Show and selling the mop. Deliberation over, we decided to purchase the mop but not before I had a chat with Guy about his skincare!

We left with a ‘light and easy steam mop’ and he had my card promising he would buy the products I recommended for his skin complaint on line tonight. I hope Guy will be as impressed with my skincare advice as we are with his Mop. It is absolutely wonderful, well worth the money. Our beige carpets have come up brilliantly. We did help the really stubborn stains with 101 Carpet stain remover, but even so what a machine. I would definitely recommend it.

Off out on my Motor Bike now as I have got to make the most of a beautiful evening here in Glasgow, whilst my partner carries on cleaning the floors…. as I said a fabulous day in Scotland!

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