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AHA and the Hetropolitan Man

A recent Mintel survey found that 64% of men in the UK moisturise and that 25% of them do it daily, which is the same percentage as men who shave daily!

My husband uses PRIORI® Advanced AHA Facial Cleanser as his shaving cream (I know that he gets a very close (wet) shave with this product) and then uses PRIORI® Idebenone Complex Moisturisng Facial cream afterwards. Unfortunately he does not fall into the 25% daily usage group, but I am working on that, as for him being a hetropolitan man, well the jury is still out on that!

The other surprising fact of the Mintel survey was that the increased usage is not generational and a greater increase has been seen in the number of men, over 50, who use facial skincare products. Does the man in your life care for his skin and most importantly does he use products that suit his skin type or does he share yours?

PRIORI® and Vitage® skincare products may be our skin’s best friend, but isn’t it time we started to make sure his skin looks as good as ours?

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