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A view from my Skin Care Clinic


Combatting Acne

A Young Girls Journey to Manage Her Acne

Dee is a 15 year old girl who suffers with Acne. She found me on line  having searched on Google for a cure for her condition. It is always extremely pleasing when I know that these type of searches work as I pay my husband a small fortune for my SEO! Well okay he gets free face creams.
Dee has been troubled with acne for over 3 years; she had tried various curative routes through the NHS, tried different lotions and potions but unfortunately to no avail. I have helped many clients with varying skin concerns but I always find acne the most challenging; it is very hard to manage clients expectations, as unfortunately there is no magic wand for a cure, and usually by the time clients come to me they have tried almost everything they can, suffered for a long enough and are looking for immediate results.
Dee came along with her Dad for her initial, no obligation, consultation and her skin was very inflamed with large pustules, she told me  ‘My face is very painful’.
I totally understand my clients’ hope of getting rid of acne, as this was one of the main reasons I started my skincare clinic, over 14 years ago. I wanted to help my daughter Rachel, who now has acne totally under control. The doctor’s answer to Rachel’s condition was to put her on a course of antibiotics or put her on the pill. Neither of which were the right solution for her. This course of action is standard and can help slightly. However; all it is doing is suppressing the situation and not dealing with the cause. From experience I find that it is best to reduce inflammation, control the bacteria and then help with the scarring.
I explained to Dee, at the initial free consultation, the causes of the acne, the treatments I would use, the products she would have to use rigorously in addition to my clinical treatments. She was advised not to chop and change skincare products during the initial 4 month treatment process. So many acne sufferers are prone to doing this, in their search for the ‘immediate cure’.
I also explained the timeline for the treatments and that the results would not be immediate. In addition I explained that the initial treatments would likely reduce the inflammation and pain and she would also see a reduction in the size of the pustules over the next few months. The timeline for her treatments and acne treatments in general, is 4 months. I cannot give any more of a guarantee due to the nature of the condition and homecare skincare routine that has to be strictly followed.

Starting the Acne Treatments

Dee and her Dad decided to go with my suggestions and I explained that there has to be a lot of commitment required from both of us to get the acne under control. I saw the commitment in this lovely pair. Dee has to be rigorous in her home skincare routine applying her products morning and night and this has to carry on long after the clinical treatments stop.
The course of treatments included Omnilux Blue light therapy and lightfusion appointments twice a week, 48 hours apart, for 4 weeks, followed by a further appointment 6 weeks later and finally the last appointment 6 weeks later. Her total treatment time was 4 months.


Communication between Dee and I is also vital as this allows me to act immediately on any skin changes or issues that might came up. It also allows us to discuss skincare issues in general and replenish products if required, before they run out. This open line of communication helps to build confidence between us.


Dee’s last appointment has shown a marked improvement in her skin condition and we are both extremely happy with the results. Her acne inflammation is now under control, the bacteria filled pustules are all but gone. There is some minor scarring left which is going to be dealt with in the next phase of treatments. This scarring is easily hidden with the correct mineral based coverage.
Dee has told me that she now has greater confidence in her appearance and herself. She also mentioned again how much the pain she had been in before starting the treatment. I could not have been happier with these results.

Thorntonhall Therapies Day 1 Treatment

Treatment 1 - Week 1

Thorntonhall Therapies Acne 8th Treatment

Treatment 8 - Week 4

Thorntonhall Therapies Acne 9th Treatment

Treatment 9 - Week 10


Treatment 10 - Week 16

Thorntonhall Therapies usking masking coverage to hide acne scarring

Final Image shows the use of a Mineral based

coverage to show that scarring can now be

hidden as inflammation has been reduced

and the bacteria been killed.


Ongoing Acne Treatments

We now start the next phase which is all about maintenance and control. Remember you can only control acne as there is no cure. Dee will carry on with monthly treatments to help reduce the acne scarring and continue to use home skincare products daily, which I will continually review and of course our line of communication will remain open too.

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