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A Trip Down Wisteria Lane

Priori’s brand new 100% Coffeeberry Natural Perfecting Minerals have recently been launched here in the UK. I sell the products to men and women and many of my clients are converting from Bare Minerals directly to these products, they are absolutely fabulous and I am also a convert.
The foundation and concealer are both SPF 25 and could be used as your daily SPF on their own or in addition to your daily SPF 30.

They have been on sale in the States for 6 months and I am told that the set of Desperate Housewives just love using them! So next time you watch the program, wander down Wisteria lane or see Brie on sale think about the Coffeeberry Perfecting Minerals and the dual role they could play in your makeup regime.

If you are interested in them or want to see how to apply them properly click here: Priori skincare application

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