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A fruity glow is preferable than a tan!

I was heartened to read a recent Sunday Times article that my daughter sent me saying that a fruity glow is better than a tan.

A recent study by Bristol University shows that people prefer the healthy glow achieved by a diet rich in fruit and vegetables to a sun tanned complexion. This was based on volunteers evaluating before and after picture of people who adopted a “five a day” diet and those who ate minimal fruit and vegetables.
This “fruity and veggie” glow is attributed to to carotenoids which are found in green and orange fruit and vegetables. Simply adding more fruit and vegetables rich in carotenoids means you can achieve a healthy glow in a mere 4 weeks while protected skin can be achieved instantaneously, by use of a good SPF.
For interest, the top 10 betacarotene rich foods are below.
1) Canteloupe melon
2) Raw apricots
3) Grapefruit
4) Plums
5) Peaches
1) Peppers and Chillies
2) Cos or Romaine lettuce
3) Cooked Spinach
4) Cooked carrots
5) Cooked Chinese cabbage (pak choi)

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