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Headline News this Morning – 1090 Scots Diagnosed with Malignant Melonoma

If you read my blog’s often enough you can relate to this, my most recent rant about how important it is to use a good skin protector on a daily basis. 

What prompted me to write this blog was the news this morning, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) reported that 1090 people of all ages were diagnosed with malignant melanoma last year in Scotland. What was even more alarming was two 15-34 year old Scots were diagnosed with skin cancer each week. Most of these people could prevent this problem if they used a good SPF.


Last year I wrote telling you about a report in the Daily Express  urging you to use an SPF. We should all be using an SPF up to factor 30, day in day out, come rain, hail or shine.  Given today’s weather in Scotland, rain pelting down really heavy, I can understand why my fellow Scots would be thinking  there is  no need to use it, but unfortunately they would be wrong.  


Even though the report centres on Scotland it would do well to remember that every day, In the UK, at least two people under the age of 35 are diagnosed with this deadliest form of skin cancer. CRUK are saying that that these figures have increased by 8% in a year. I also told you last year about SOS which is an easy way to remember how to protect yourself from sun damage to your skin.  

Thorntonhall Therapies has a great range of quality skincare products including the following which contain an SPF; I always recommend one or more of them to my clients: 

  • Sometimes clients say to me “Oh I would never use an SPF 30 as it is too thick and heavy” but this is definitely not the case for PRIORI® Advanced AHA Daily Defense SPF 30 as it is a non-greasy, velvety cream which comes with a great accolade, it is Skin Cancer Foundation recommended.  If you take some time to consider a lot of the other sun creams out there, there are not many that carry this recommendation.  
  • PRIORI® also produce CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals which again are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. They have maximum UVA Protection against ageing and UVB SPF 25 Protection  from the sun’s “burning rays”. It is simple to use, you just brush on this SPF protection (it doesn’t block your pores) and it is easy to re-apply when further SPF protection is needed. It can also be used over makeup for initial or increased SPF protection. 
  • For those of you who like a completely natural product then you may want to consider PRIORI® CoffeeBerry Natural Daily Protection SPF 25.  This product has an innovative broad spectrum sunscreen that is 98.4% natural. This sunscreen product is the “must have” sun protection for summer days and is ideal for sensitive skins. 

Cancer Research UK launched their Sun Smart Campaign today, if you don’t use any other products on your face, then please apply an SPF 30 daily and I would suggest a product that is not an SPF factor within a moisturiser, it could prevent you or a family member becoming one of the statistics.   

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